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What is a Watermaker:

A watermakers is a reverse osmosis (RO) desalination system found in
boats, yachts, islands and commercial structures like oil rigs and hotels.
Reverse Osmosis is the filtration process that allows the minerals and
other dissolves solids in the water to be removed from it, therefore
making it suitable for consumption. There is more scientific ways to
explain the whole process, but, this is the easy way to understand it.  

This site focuses mainly in watermakers for yachts and/or boats. But
remember that the same systems are used for Islands and other land
base projects. In here you can find information on the various brands
that we serve like FCI Watermakers, Sea Recovery, HRO Watermakers,
HP Watermakers and Parker Systems ( Village Marine). You can also find
useful information in the care and  maintenance and troubleshooting

We offer sales, service, maintenance and repair of some of the major
brands of reverse osmosis watermakers systems in the industry. We are
factory trained and authorized to perform any warranty work on new
systems. Over the years we have successfully installed, maintained and
service systems in sport fishing boats, mega yachts and land base

We service the South Florida market including the following areas:

Fort Lauderdale
Miami Beach
Coral Gables
Ocean Reef
Key Largo

We are licensed and insured and never charge a travel fee.

We also offer fresh water reverse osmosis systems to prevent spotting
and purify the water entering the boat. In addition we sale and install
post tank filtration and disinfection systems like Activated Carbon
Filtration and Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection.

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Marine Air
Conditioning Services and Products and more.

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